Agripilot Autosteer automatic tractor steering system

It can be installed in any machine, regardless of the manufacturer.

Work more accurately and efficiently.

While the Agripilot system keeps the machine on the perfect track, the operator can focus on other activities, such as checking the performance and correct operation of the spreader or seeder.

Agripilot Autosteer

The automatic steering system (so-called steerless driving) cooperating with Agripilot gives us the certainty of more effective work with lower costs and operator burden.

Autosteer can be installed in virtually any machine, no matter if it is a tractor, combine harvester or self-propelled sprayer. The method of installation and technology of the system also allows it to be transferred from machine to machine.

Accuracy up to 2 cm

The Agripilot Autosteer system has a built-in tilt correction module, thanks to which, even on uneven ground, we get excellent accuracy in keeping the track.

The overall accuracy of the system depends on the antenna used and can be up to 2 cm when using RTK.

Parallel guidance

Electric motor or hydraulic steering.

Automatic steering, depending on the requirements and capabilities of the machine, is available in two versions.

The machine is guided using the electrohydraulic method or the steering wheel is rotated by an electric motor.

The motor integrated with the steering column does not take up much space, so it does not restrict the operator’s access to the control panels.

This solution also allows the use of one engine for several tractors, thanks to which a one-time investment will allow us to work on many machines.

Economy and efficiency

Using the Skyview 2500 or Skyview 5000 RTK antenna with the Agripilot Autosteer automatic steering, we are able to achieve a repeatable accuracy of +/- 2 cm.

You will reduce the costs of fuel, seeds, pesticides and fertilizers. The comfort of work will definitely improve and you will save valuable time.

Thanks to automatic steering, even less experienced operators will now be able to carry out precise work.

New display model

Agripilot 710S with Skyview 2500 antenna

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