Displays for parallel guidance and automatic steering

Variety of display sizes and technical parameters

Agripilot 710S


Complete system with 7 “display dedicated to precision farming. Recommended for users who need a reliable and complete system with the possibility of expansion.

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Agripilot 1110S


The most advanced and extensive 10.1″ display. Unlockable operation of the RTK mobile system with an absolute accuracy of +/- 2 cm.

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Smart antennas and antennas for built-in receivers

A full range of GNSS antennas and receivers to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users

Skyview 5000

Smart antenna with RTK accuracy support. It has built-in terrain compensation. It is available in sets with Agripilot 710S and Agripilot 1110S displays

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Skyview 2500

The antenna is adapted to work with receivers built into the displays. Also prepared for RTK accuracy in combination with displays with such a receiver. It is available in sets with Agripilot 710S, Agripilot 1110S and Agripilot 1110S RTK displays.

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Skyview 2500 Dual

Dual antenna system with RTK accuracy support for position feed to the auto-steering system at extremely low speeds. It comes in a set with the Agripilot 1110S DUAL RTK display

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