• Agripilot 710S

    Dedicated to precision farming. Recommended for all users interested in a complete system with expansion options.


Agripilot 710S + Skyview 2500


Pass-to-pass accuracy +/- 10-25 cm

Recommended for fertilizers, spraying and cultivation

Complete system with 7 “display dedicated to precision farming. Recommended for users who need a reliable and complete system with the possibility of expansion.

* the given prices are net prices

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Agripilot 710S + Skyview 5000


RTK accuracy +/- 2 cm with tilt compensation

7 “display. A complete system for precision farming in the latest edition. The Smart Antenna allows you to achieve a fully repeatable absolute RTK accuracy of +/- 2 cm, and the terrain compensation module watches to ensure that lateral inclinations and uneven terrain do not negatively affect the accuracy.

Recommended for people thinking about expanding the automatic steering system, as well as those who need perfect precision of parallel guidance.

* the given prices are net prices

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Additional applications

The Android system built into the Agripilot 710S display allows you to use additional applications supporting work on the farm

Automatic steering

Upgradable for automatic tractor steering


Built-in communication modules in Agripilot 710S allow the display to connect to the Internet via WIFI or a SIM card and 4G LTE technology

Automatic section control

As standard, the Agripilot 710S has a virtual beam function that shows which section should be turned on / off. Optionally, the Boomcontrol module works in a full automatic machine


Agripilot 710S allows you to connect two external cameras with IR illumination to ensure perfect visibility even in the dark

Parallel guidance

This is the basic and one of the most important functions offered by agricultural navigation. Agripilot 710S will guide you so that you can do your job as precisely as possible, and you will minimize overlays or skips!

Port 1

  • 12V power supply
  • 3x Input / Output Connector for additional modules

Port 2

  • Connector for additional modules
  • 2x Camera Connector

4G LTE – external antenna 4G LTE connector
GNSS – external GNSS antenna connector


The Agripilot 710S is the perfect solution for users starting to work with agricultural navigation. Low initial purchase price and the possibility of expansion with additional modules in the future!


Increase your productivity, without overlays and bypasses.

The automatic section control Boomcontrol automatically turns individual sections of the machine on and off. There are systems available that work with the majority of popular sprayers available on the market. By reducing the number of overlaps and bypasses in the field, you reduce costs, increase productivity, and minimize environmental impact.

  • Automatic section control for Arag Bravo 180S
  • Automatic section control for Arag Bravo 300S
  • Automatic section control for Müller Elektronik Spraydos
  • Automatic section control for Müller Elektronik Spray Control S
  • Automatic section control for Hardi HC5500 / HC6500
  • Automatic section control for Dammann
  • and other…

Save time, resources and money

We not only contribute to the protection of the natural environment, but we can also significantly reduce the expenditure on plant protection products, and thus save money and time.

Simple and quick assembly

You do not need a technician’s visit to make a complicated installation on the sprayer. Plug & Play technology allows you to connect the Boomcontrol without interfering with the sprayer / computer or hydraulics.

Automatic steering

It can be installed in virtually any machine, regardless of the manufacturer.

While the Agripilot system keeps the machine on the perfect track, the operator can focus on other activities, such as checking the performance and correct operation of the spreader or seeder.

Agripilot Autosteer

Autosteer can be installed in virtually any machine, no matter if it is a tractor, combine harvester or self-propelled sprayer. The method of installation and technology of the system also allows it to be transferred from machine to machine.

Accuracy up to 2 cm!

The Agripilot Autosteer system has a built-in tilt correction module, thanks to which, even on uneven ground, we get excellent accuracy in keeping the track.